Hotels and Festivals in the Philippines

The Philippines are a magnificent set of more than 7,000 islands whose charming beauty and cultural diversity make the country a top tourist destination.

Whether you are a solo traveller looking for a relaxed vacation at any of the top hotels, or simply piqued by the country’s rich culture, you will find a wide range of activities to indulge in. Easily defined by its rich heritage, fun festivals and happy locals, Philippines is a must-visit in one’s lifetime.

One of the most interesting things about Philippines is that it stands out from the rest of the continent, both culturally and spiritually. The latter is largely attributed to the fact that Spanish colonial rule spanned over a period of close to four centuries. As a result, the country’s main religion is Catholic, a fact that contrasts sharply with the rest of Asia.

In spite of these spiritual and colonial influences, the country remains rooted in its distinct culture. The Filipinos are hospitable, the warmth of the locals, coupled with their enthusiasm wins over visitors from all over the world.

This is one of the reasons why a visit to Philippines is incomplete without enjoying the different religious and cultural events that dot the country’s social calendar. These events provide a great platform for you to discover why it is more fun in the Philippines. Additionally, there are great accommodation options for visitors, taking into account different budgets, preferences and locations.

With activities all year round, there is every reason to plan a trip and enjoy the best that the Philippines has to offer.

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