Aliwan Festival

Aliwan Festival 2017 is a yearly event that brings together an array of cultural fiestas in Pasay City. It is aptly referred to as ‘The Mother of All Fiestas’.

The festival is a brainchild of the Manila Broadcasting Company in conjunction with the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Since its inception in 2003, Aliwan Festival 2017 has managed to showcase the people’s rich heritage, not just to its citizenry, but also to visitors globally. The festival was initially celebrated during the December festivities, but was eventually shifted to be held during summer.

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In addition to its ability to show the country’s cultural diversity, Aliwan Festival 2017 is also a must-attend because it keeps visitors engaged and allows them to interact with the locals. Ideally, the festival is grouped into three distinct categories. These include the Cultural Street Dance Contest, the beauty pageant as well as the Float Parade.

The Dance Contest is the major event, and therefore attracts the highest numbers of participants. The grand nature of this contest is revealed when attendants notice a 4-kilometer dance parade complete with synchronized moves.

The Aliwan Festival 2017’s float Parade on the other hand, features floats made from different materials including flowers, farm produce and garments. The essence of the parade is to display the traditional cultures of the country’s different regions.

Lastly, the beauty pageant seeks to tap into the country’s finest beauties while incorporating brains and culture for an all-round experience. In the end, all attendants get to learn more about the rich Filipino Culture, making Aliwan Festival 2017 a must attend event.

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