Bambanti Festival

Bambanti Festival 2017 could easily be described as the ‘greatest of all festivals’ in Isabela. Part of the reason for this is its use of grand ‘bambanti’.

‘Bambanti’ in the local dialect, is translated to mean scarecrows. These grand scarecrows are definitely the highlight of the festival if the sheer vibrant colours, size and imposing stature are anything to go by. It is this aspect that draws visitors from within the country and across the world.

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As mentioned above, Bambanti Festival 2017 is incomplete without the scarecrows. Look out for the different structures put together by the more than 30 cities. This creates diversity that is as broad as it is enchanting. It is not unusual to hear the kids squealing with excitement on seeing the scarecrows.

Bambanti Festival 2017 is held to coincide with the bountiful harvest of rice in the province. This is because the bambanti are believed to be watch over the fertile fields, thus ensuring that the locals enjoy a great harvest. The land’s productivity in the harvest of corn is also celebrated with participants drawn to give thanks for the region’s primary agricultural products.

It is impossible to talk about this colourful festival without making mention of the rich traditions that abound on location. The celebrations and thanksgiving bring to life the cultural heritage within the province. Other attractions at Bambanti Festival 2017 include ecotourism exhibitions, street performances as well as a beauty contest. Dancing almost always accompanies each of the activities. Make plans to enjoy Bambanti Festival 2017 whenever you are in Ilagan City, Isabela.

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