Bangus Festival
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Bangus Festival 2019 is a yearly event celebrated every April in Dagupan City of Pangasinan. The reason behind this celebration is the province’s bangus harvest.

Benjamin S. Lim is credited with creating the festival in a bid to improve the local bangus sector in the province. Lim is also honoured for his role in the festival’s inception as part of the aim of the festival was to improve Dagupan as the world’s capital of bangus.

Bangus Festival 2019 and Best Hotels in Dagupan City

At the onset, Bangus Festival 2019 was intertwined with the thanksgiving fiesta. This was before it morphed to a fortnight-long project that seeks to improve the visibility of Bangus in the region. Today, the April festivity brings with it the lighting of hundreds of BBQ grills for locals and visitors to indulge in deliciously-made bangus.

The grills stretch more than a kilometre long, perhaps showing just how important this Bangus Festival 2019 is to the indigenous people. This grill parade also doubles up as a cooking contest, drawing hundreds of chefs whose culinary prowess is gauged by the excellence of grilling, taste as well as creative presentation.

Visitors are often excited to discover that the cooking competition has actually earned the city a spot in the Book of World Records for its role in creating the event with the longest barbecue! In addition to the culinary contest, the festival also boasts an eating competition, dance performances as well as street parties.

For what it is worth, this culinary adventure is worth the hype. Simply make plans to enjoy the Bangus Festival 2019.

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