Coconut Festival

Coconut Festival 2017 is a popular feast held in Laguna during the first week of January. The festival honours the patron saint, Paul the Hermit.

The festival traces its beginnings to 1996 when the very first edition of its kind was held. The celebration has since grown in leaps and bounds to-date where it lasts week long, spanning the first and second weeks of January.

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Also referred to as the ‘Coco Festival’, this celebration brings together local and foreign visitors in their numbers. Due to its vibrant aura and energetic nature, Coconut Festival 2017 also attracts the media, making it one of the most popular events in Laguna.

At the start of Coconut Festival 2017, the province comes alive with singing and dancing as the pulsating sounds of local music rent the air. The street performances are open for anyone who feels like they can dance, certainly an amazing way to mingle with the locals and get a glimpse into their rich culture.

The float parades are also an amazing part of the Coconut Festival 2017. Foreigners often marvel at these rituals that gel the local community together, and which have been passed down generations. At night, the party does not stop with contests and performances throughout the festival week.

The Coco Carnival Queen is yet another highlight of the Coconut Festival. The carnival brings to the limelight the city’s creativity by showcasing locally made masks, costumes and gowns. Here’s the ingenious part; that all these things are made solely from the coconut tree. Each year, the festival gets larger, bolder and more invigorating. Make plans to visit Laguna in January and witness the Coconut Festival 2017.

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