Higantes Festival

Higantes Festival 2017 is marked annually on November, and is held in honour of San Clemente. It is also referred to as the ‘Feast of San Clemente’.

The festival is marked in Angono Town, Rizal. It marks an important event since San Clemente is revered in Rizal. As the patron saint of fishermen, locals have always sought to honour the patron saint through a wide range of traditions and rituals.

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San Clemente, as mentioned above, plays an integral role in the lives of the local fishermen. As a result, devoted locals carry his image alongside ‘pahadores’. The latter are devoted locals adorned in colourful traditional regalia complete with wooden shoes and carrying the fisherman’s characteristic tools of trade. These tools include oars, fishing nets, baits and fishing traps.

In addition to this, perhaps the highlight of Higantes Festival 2017 is the presence of ‘higantes’. These are giant structures made from paper mache, and which are as tall as 12 feet. The higantes give the festival its name, and are a must-see for participants in attendant.

The Higantes Festival 2017culminates in a street parade, with the Procession of Pagoda heading out to the iconic Laguna de bay. This is done in order to bring the image of San Clemente back to its rightful home. Other activities you can look forward to include painting competitions, 5-kilometer fun race as well as the art exhibition which is perfect for art lovers.

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