Kadayawan Festival
Image by: Constantine Agustin [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr

Kadayawan Festival is a yearly event celebrated in the beautiful city of Davao. Its name is actually coined from ‘dayaw’ meaning ‘bountiful’.

Just as the translation suggests, Kadayawan Festival 2017 embraces life and gives the locals an opportunity to offer thanksgiving for all of their blessings. These blessings included the celebration of life, the productivity of nature, the rich heritage and the bountiful harvest. Kadayawan Festival is marked every third week of August.

Kadayawan Festival 2017 and Hotels in Davao City Deals

The week-long Kadayawan 2017 is marked by the provision of floral and fruit floats which add life and colour to the event. Additionally, street performances mark the liveliness of the Kadayawan 2017, incorporating the tribal costumes and fancy jewellery.

On the streets, different exhibits feature flowers and vegetable stands with participants dancing along the streets. Adventure junkies will absolutely love the local and power boat races as they combine stamina and the spectacular outdoors of Davao city.

Another exciting event to witness is the Horse Fighting. The event features the male horses fighting for mates in a glorious showcase of power in the natural setting. Take care, however, not to get too close to the horses as it is easy to get trampled by the fighting beasts.

As the Kadayawan Festival comes to an end, one of the most important part of the celebration is held. The tribal dancers mark the culmination of the festival in style as the beauty pageant gets to crown the new Miss Kadayawan 2017.

Kadayawan Festival 2017 offers an exciting opportunity for visitors to learn more about the Davao’s rich culture. Experience one of the country’s grandest celebration and thanksgiving here in the Davao city. We offer you the best hotel accommodation options during the festival, please find the suggested hotels below for your convenience.

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