Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival 2017 is a celebration held in light of lanzones fruit, the region’s exotic fruit. The festival is observed on the third week of October.

The magnitude of Lanzones Festival 2017 is best understood when one considers that lanzones are a major livelihood in the region. Due to the bountiful fruit harvests, visitors come from all over the country and different parts of the world to witness one of the most exciting festivals.

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Lanzones refers to a fruit that grows well in the tropical region of the Philippines, and is particularly concentrated in the coastal region of Mindanao. The fruit is identified by its brown outer skin, and is loved for its delightfully sweet fleshy inside.

Lanzones Festival 2017 typically begins over the weekend and is marked with pomp and colour as the dancers fill the street and break out in a wide array of dance styles. This frenzied party is an energetic place to be, so feel free to loosen up and immerse yourself in the festival’s highlights.

Look out for the cultural shows and parades where you can learn a little more about the lives the locals lead, and how lanzones fruits have brought great fortune to the land. Make a point of visiting the trade fair where the works of local artisans are put on display. This is the ideal place to get handy souvenirs.

Overall, the Lanzones Festival 2017 is the go-to place for visitors who have a penchant for culture, traditions, fruit and everything in between.

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