Mango Festival
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Mango Festival 2019 is one of the most popular events in Zambales, thanks to mangoes that have received international acclaim due to their sweetness.

When highlighting some of the most popular attractions in Zambales, many visitors are quick to notice the glorious islands, majestic beaches and tropical weather. What many often overlook is that this province is home to some of the world’s sweetest mangoes, and it is exactly this attraction that birthed the popular Mango Festival 2019. Little wonder that the region’s mangoes have even been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the sweetest of their kind globally.

Mango Festival 2019 and Hotels in Zambales Best Deals

Mango Festival 2019 is held in April to coincide with the bumper mango harvest. The aim of the festival is to encourage local farmers to grow high quality mangoes in order to retain the region’s fame as far as mangoes are concerned. In addition, Mango Festival 2019 also aims to shed light on the wide variety of mango products. This is done in order to grow the sector and make it an economic pillar, both for the region and the country at large.

Take on the exciting eating challenge and savour the juicy succulent fruits. Mangoes are not all there is to the festival; fun activities abound to keep the kids engaged. Head to the vibrant street parade and mingle with the locals, or simply enjoy the liveliness of the float competition. Other activities on location include the trade fair and the Variety show.

Go ahead, join in the mango merrymaking and enjoy the Mango Festival 2019.

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