Masskara Festival
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Masskara Festival 2017 is an annual festival celebrated in Bacolod City. It is held every third weekend of October, and also marks the city anniversary.

The name of the festival is derived from two words: mass, which simply means a gathering of people and kara which is the Spanish word for faces. This actually pre-empts the core of the festival because maskara is a Filipino word that can be loosely translated to mean the word ‘mask’. The fact that the masks are worn by participants creates the perfect aura for the festival.

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The history of the festival dates back to the 1980s following the drop of the global prices in the sugar industry. This scenario created the impetus for the locals to hold a big party. There was no better way to sail through these challenges than with a smile, capturing the resilience of the locals. It comes as no surprise therefore, that Bacolod is referred to as the ‘City of Smiles’.

Participants are decked in intricate dance costumes, complete with happy masks that endear the Masskar Festival to visitors. The vibrant colours of the costumes paired with the glitter of the sequins and beads and topped up with an elaborate head gear makes for an exciting glimpse into the local culture.

Dance to the reverberating drum beats and hum along to the songs as you enjoy the dance performances and street contests. Mask or no mask, just don your best smile and enjoy the Masskara Festival 2017.

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