Panagbenga Festival
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Witness the Panagbenga Festival 2019 and experience the cultural wonder celebrated every February in Baguio City, Philippines. Panagbenga Festival is an annual festival held in February to celebrate the bloom season. It is also referred to as the Baguio Flower Festival.

Panagbenga is, in fact, a local word that can be translated to mean ‘the season of flower blooming’. At the core of this festival is the need to respect and honour the city’s floral richness. This was one of the ways in which the cities sought to chart the way forward following the devastation caused by the 1990 earthquake.

Panagbenga Festival 2019- The Baguio Flower Festival and Hotel Accommodations

The Panagbenga 2019’s most popular shows have got to be the floral floats and the traditional dances. The floral floats are meticulous flower packages put together and let out into the waters to float. This creates a spectacular display as the brightly coloured flowers are steered by the gentle waters.

Visitors are also treated to multiple floral parades. Just as the name suggests, these parades consist of participants carrying floral arrangements in a synchronized manner. This awe-inspiring parade is often the highlight for many visitors. To enjoy the floral floats and parades, make sure you get a great spot at Burnham Park and Session road.

Other activities held during the floral festival include a skateboard competition for the adrenaline junkies, a beauty pageant aptly titled ‘Mr. and Ms. Panagbenga 2019’ as well as a music show. The most spectacular feature of the Panagbenga 2019 is that it immerses the city in a sea of bright colours, pulsating sounds and delightful fragrances, making it a must-attend celebration in the city of Baguio, Philippines.

Join the fun and immerse yourself to one of the happiest cultural festival in the country. We carefully and meticulously searched for appropriate hotels in order to suggest and give you the most accurate accommodation options during the festival.

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