Pasalamat Festival
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Pasalamat Festival 2017 attracts both locals and foreigners in their numbers, thanks to the festival’s highlights in celebrating the great harvests.

The festival is held to show thanksgiving for the land’s productivity in the beautiful city of La Carlota. The festival’s history can be traced down to cultural traditions that have been observed through the years. The core purpose of the festival, however, remains unchanged as it embraces both gratitude and productivity.

Pasalamat Festival 2017 and Hotels in Negros Deals

One of the most important aspects of the festival involves the gathering of the locals at the base of Kanlaon Mountain. The purpose of doing this is to carry out cultural traditions of thanksgiving to the fertility gods.

Pasalamat Festival 2017 is conveniently scheduled to coincide with the Sunday that falls nearest to Labour Day, a public holiday observed across the globe. The latter is marked every May 1. For this reason, the closer Sunday is set as the date for the festival.

One of the most obvious parts of this festival is that it brings on board the colourful costumes, the intricate masks and the rich traditions. These elements blend to create an unforgettable event, and for the locals, the start of yet another productive cycle.

Make sure you check out the local exhibits and vendors who sell their merchandise across the city. This is the perfect way to get memoirs from your trip. Add the Pasalamat Festival 2017 to your itinerary if you will be visiting La Carlota at the start of May.

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