Pintados Festival 2019 is a colourful event celebrated by the people of Tacloban. It seeks to blend cultural and religious facets to unify the local community.

Initially, Pintados Festival was observed to honour Santo Niño. It has since been combined with the Kasadyaan Festival which is observed every year on June 29. This not only created a greater platform to celebrate the culture, it also extends the scope for the city’s tourism sector.

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The Pintados Festival 2019 is a month long event whose key highlights continue to attract tourists from across the world. These highlights include the ritual dances, the grand procession as well as local music. It is impossible not to note the extensive presence of painted persons adorning spectacular masks.

The participants will often paint themselves from the crowns of their head to the soles of their feet with elaborate designs that mimicked traditional armour worn by the traditional warriors. Other participants choose to paint themselves in vibrant colours to capture the aura of Pintados Festival 2019.

These highlights give attendants a glimpse into the life and times of the locals prior to the Spanish colonial rule. As such, the rituals and parades are reflective of the worship of gods, local music and legendary stories complete with the use of native instruments.

Join the parade that snakes its way across the city, and immerse yourself in the Filipino culture for the experience of a lifetime. This is what makes Pintados Festival 2019 a must-attend.

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