Sarangani Bay Festival

Sarangani Bay Festival 2017, best known to the locals as the ‘Sarbay Festival 2017’ is an annual event that brings together locals in the region to have a good time.

The Sarangani Bay Festival is scheduled every May 15 and 16, making it a two-day fun fair for both the locals and visitors. This event constitutes just about every fun activity you can think of. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie who is fascinated by extreme outdoor sports, or are a lover of parties looking for the next gig, the Sarangani Bay Festival 2017 has it all for you.

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In addition to the invigorating sports and lively parties, the Sarbay Festival 2017 also boasts the culinary experience of a lifetime with food lovers congregating from all corners of Sarangani Festival. Retail therapy options exist for those who would love to get memoirs of their trips in the Philippines.

The beauty about Sarangani Bay Festival 2017 is that it gives participants a chance to give back to the community. There is no better way to travel than to leave some good behind at every destination. A number of initiatives are available for visitors to engage in. Look out for the movement that seeks to protect the bay region by planting mangroves.

Alternatively, join any of the sports activities whose proceeds are channelled to the conservative efforts. Sarbay Festival 2017 is an amazing way to connect with the locals while enjoying all that the Bay region has to offer. Do not pass the opportunity to visit the bay’s pristine beaches. Gumasa Beach is where all the action happens during Sarangani Bay Festival 2017, so make plans to attend this event.

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