Sinukwan Festival
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Sinukwan Festival 2017 is one of the most eclectic events in San Fernando. The week-long festival brings the city’s streets to life with rich cultural heritage.

The festival is held in honour of Aring Sinukwan, a god who is revered across the city thanks to the respect that ancient locals had. At the core of the festival is honour of the god, as well as highlighting the city’s cultural diversity. The latter brings tourists from all over the world in the period that the festival is on. If you are interested to witness the Sinukwan Festival 2017, mark your calendar for November through to December, the perfect way to usher in the festive holidays.

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As the Sinukwan 2017 largely highlights the festival’s culture, visitors should expect to witness intricate street dance performances. The performers are usually adorned in elaborate traditional regalia, complete with ornamental crowning. The pulsating music echoes through the city’s streets, showcasing San Fernando’s wealth of talent.

Sinukwan Festival 2017 is incomplete without the ‘Atin Cu Pung Singsing’, one of the most exciting highlights of the event. Other events worth checking out include the local photo contest, beauty pageants with an inclination to traditional rituals as well as cultural shows.

If you are looking to get a glimpse into the city’s artistic side, feel free to visit the arts trade fairs on location. A Philippines festival is incomplete without food, which is why food lovers will enjoy the food trade fairs at the Sinukwan Festival 2017. Make time to celebrate this festival with the locals for a memorable experience.

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