Sinulog Festival
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Celebrate the Sinulog Festival 2017 and witness the eclectic infusion of culture and spirituality in the Philippine’s historic city of Cebu. Sinulog Festival is an annual festival that brings together locals and foreigners to partake in the winding parades of participants in brightly coloured costumes.

The festival is held every third Sunday in the month of January, and is often viewed as an extension of the December festivities. The Sinulog Festival 2017 is held in honour of Santo Niño. It is characterized by traditional dances, ritual merrymaking as well as the distinct sounds of drumming that rent the air.

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The festival traces its beginnings to 1980 when the first ever parade of its kind was arranged. It has since been organized yearly. While the dance itself is ancient, and incorporates aspects of the country’s traditions, it is not unusual to note that most participants in the parade are pretty young. It is this diversity that endears the famous Sinulog Festival to visitors in Cebu city.

The Sinulog Festival was part and parcel of the local’s traditions. Once the image of Santo Niño was delivered to the city, and Catholicism had taken root in Cebu, the Sinulog dance was incorporated in honouring the Child Jesus. Today, in addition to the dancing and drumming, the Sinulog 2017 is accompanied by chanting and shouting. Pilgrims do this in an attempt to make sure that their petitions are heard by Santo Niño.

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