Spring Festival
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Spring Festival 2017 is an annual celebration in Baguio City, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Philippines.

The essence of Spring Festival 2017 is to celebrate the beginning of the New Chinese Year, undoubtedly one of the most popular events for Filipinos of Chinese descent. Since this is largely a Chinese celebration, its occurrence does not coincide with the global New Year observed every first of January.

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The Chinese community comes together to celebrate a fresh start while wishing each other and hoping for a prosperous year. Many individuals will also congregate at each other’s homes to pray for peace throughout the year.

Part of ushering in the Spring Festival 2017 involves cleaning one’s house in order to attract optimism and good luck. This spring cleaning goes hand in hand with the serving of delicious foods, sweet exotic fruits as well as vegetables. For those who can afford, cash is given during the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival 2017 is incomplete without the distinct dragon parades that are symbolic of the rich Chinese culture. The elaborate masks, coupled with the dance routines create an almost palpable energy that is impossible to ignore. Visitors will often be seen partaking in the street performances, a feat that offers a glimpse into the local culture.

If you are fascinated by the Chinese way of life, and happen to be in Baguio City around February, you want to make time to attend the spectacular Spring Festival 2017. It is indeed the experience of a lifetime.

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