Strawberry Festival
Image by: Cysar Soriano [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0], via Flickr

Strawberry Festival 2019 is an event that is meant to highlight and celebrate the goodness of the strawberry fruit with the first ever edition held in 2015.

The aim of Strawberry Festival 2019 is to shed light on the importance of the strawberry fruit to the region. Every year in the month of March, farmers and stakeholders in the strawberry industry congregate in La Trinidad, Benguet to celebrate the fact that the region is a leading strawberry region.

Strawberry Festival 2019 and Hotels in Baguio Deals

Strawberry Festival 2019 stands out because it is held a short while after the Panagbenga Festival. What this simply means is that for visitors touring Benguet around March, there is a flurry of activities to be a part of. Look out for the Strawberry Lane, aptly named because this is where attendants get to sample a variety of strawberry fruits and strawberry products.

Whether you look forward to indulging in the delicious taste of the fruits at the Strawberry Festival 2019, or prefer to buy and prepare a number of recipes at the apartment where you will be staying, ensure that you tour the Lane. There is a pastry section on location if you need any inspiration. Do not pass the opportunity to indulge in the all-time favourite strawberry cake!

Other activities during Strawberry Festival 2019 include the street parades, the choreographed dances as well as the cultural rituals that are specific to the region. The festival lasts a week, and is the ideal destination if you are looking for a fun-filled fruity festival. Mark your calendars for the next Strawberry Festival scheduled for March 2019.

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