Tinagba Festival
Image from iriga.gov.ph.

Tinagba Festival 2017 is an annual celebration observed in the city of Iriga, Camarines Sur Province. The February festival is a thanksgiving ceremony.

At the onset, the festival began following the traditional rituals of the locals who presented their harvest as offerings to the gods. This was an act of gratitude and petition to increase productivity in the next cycle. Originally celebrated by the Bicolanos (locals from Bicol), Tinagba Festival has since grown to be one of the most important festivals in Camarines Sur.

Tinagba Festival 2017 and Best Hotels in Bicol

As a thanksgiving festival for crop harvest, it is obvious that Tinagba Festival 2017 has an abundance of food and fruits. The colourful presentations are certainly a visual delight, and a gentle reminder of the need to be thankful.

In addition to the food presentations, the festival also boasts elaborate floats pulled through by carabaos. The meticulous procession makes for an exciting highlight of Tinagba Festival 2017, so make sure you look out for this on location. If you are keen on modernity that fuses with traditional elements, then the motored floats will excite you.

Additionally, there is also a display of carabao-drawn carts during the unique parade. This gives visitors a glimpse into the traditional lives of the locals and an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the fact that these traditions have been kept intact over generations.

All of this action is complimented by the lively marching bands before the procession comes to a stop at the peak of Calvary Hill. This is followed by mass before the Tinagba Festival 2017 breaks out into song and street dancing – the perfect way to enjoy your stay in Iriga.

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