Tuna Festival
Image by: Constantine Agustin [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr

Tuna Festival 2017 is held annually to celebrate the abundance of Tuna fish in General Santos City, also referred to as the ‘Tuna Capital of Philippines’.

Santos City is the country’s top tuna producer, and has since earned the city prominence in the global fish markets. Part of the reason for this abundance is that the city is located in a warm temperate region. The waters abound with yellow fin tuna, and Tuna Festival 2017 is one big party in recognition of the city’s highlights.

Tuna Festival 2017 and Best Hotels in General Santos City

Santos City is referred to as ‘Gensan’ by the locals, and so it is not uncommon to hear the festival referred to as the Gensan Tuna Festival 2017. Every year, the festival is held to give thanks as well as allow visitors to partake in the celebrations.

As is expected, Tuna Festival 2017 features everything tuna: cooking competitions, tuna parades and float-like things in the shape of tuna. Fish-lovers will absolutely love visiting the different fish stands, sampling tuna delicacies and enjoying the culinary experience.

In addition to the dishes, there are carnivals, street performances as well as dancing – the quintessential party experience. The parades will often include locals holding tuna-like props and dancing away on the streets.

What then happens after all these ‘fishy’ events? Visitors are elated to discover that the cost of tuna fish is incredibly affordable during the festival. Nothing beats the cost for the highest-grade of tuna in the Philippines, so feel free to make plans to enjoy the Gensan Tuna Festival 2017.

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